2017 ACT and SAT Scores

The visual below shows 2017 ACT scores for graduating seniors by school. Use the exam filter on the left to switch to the SAT or a different subject.

Notice the tested student percentage when comparing scores. Sometimes schools that test less students have higher scores. For example, Drew High School has the third highest average ACT score in the district, but the highest average SAT score. However, 100% of Drew seniors students took the ACT while 26% took the SAT.

The percentage tested metric is calculated by dividing the number of test takers by the number of graduating students in the cohort.

The next visual shows ACT and SAT scores over time. We can see that North Atlanta ACT scores have steadily increased over the past five years and have eclipsed the national average during that time. The graph in the upper left shows the percentage of tested students also increased.

When viewing SAT scores, it is important to know that the exam changed from 2016 to 2017. In 2017, the total score only includes two exams instead of three, and “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing” is a new subject, listed on the dashboard as, “Reading and Writing”. The math exam also changed, so scores are not comparable to 2016. In lieu of comparison to previous year, the district and national averages are a helpful benchmark to measure SAT performance in 2017.

SAT data for these visuals is from the GADOE. ACT data is from school score reports from the ACT.