Building Capacity 2017-2018

The visual below shows building usage by school. Usage is calculated as student enrollment divided by building capacity. Tap or mouse-over a school zone to view the enrollment trend over time.

Notice the filter on the left side allows the user to select different planning capacity class sizes. Changing the expected class size changes the building’s capacity, which then changes the usage ratio. Building capacity data is approximate- it depends on class size and specific factors unique to each school, such as service models for students with disabilities. Fully understanding a school’s capacity can require input from the principal as well.

The building capacity data shared here was also included in the November 2017 Facilities Update to the APS Board of Education. The enrollment data used is from the GADOE October 2017 FTE count. The enrollment trend data in this visual does not connect across schools that have merged or changed school codes. For more detailed enrollment data see this post.

Note that the capacity data shown above includes permanent buildings only. Portable classroom buildings are often used for schools that are over capacity but are not included in the data.