College Enrollment Rates by Race 2017

Our most recent post reported college enrollment and persistence rates for APS schools. This post presents the same data, but also shows the results by race.

In the first graph, we can see that the district’s college enrollment rate for black students in 2017 was 56%, but there is large variation by school- from 81% at Drew and KIPP, to 36% at Carver Tech. The two schools with enrollment rates reported for white students, Grady and North Atlanta, have very similar rates at 88% and 87% respectively1.

The next graph includes data on the percentage of students who remained enrolled the following year. This graph looks at the high school class of 2016, because the 2017 class has not yet reached their second year2. Use the Race/Ethnicity filter to view different groups.

The last graph shows enrollment trends over time. Use the race/ethnicity, school, and outcome filters to customize your view.

For more details on the college enrollment data, see the previous post.


  1. Results are only reported for school subgroups with at least 15 students. This explains how the district rate for white students can be slightly lower than both reported schools.
  2. Drew’s first graduating class was in 2017, so they do not appear in the 2016 graph