APS Enrollment Data 1994-2018

The visual below shows enrollment trends at APS for the past 25 years1. Use the filters on the right to select a school or grade, or the tabs at the top to pick a different view.

Mouse-over the visual to get exact numbers. The graph shows that the number of total students in APS has decreased from 59,560 to 52,377 students from 1994 to 2018. But there has been some increase since the 2009 low of 48,909. Demographics have also shifted: from 91% black in 1994, to 73% black in 2018.

The graph has several interactive features: choose a specific school or grade using the filters on the right, or use the tabs at the top to change visuals.

Below we have a few examples of visuals that can be made with this data. The first visual is filtered to show district-wide enrollment for kindergarten. Notice that although overall enrollment has risen for seven years in a row, kindergarten enrollment peaked in 2014 at 5,029 students and has since declined to 4,477 students. Use the grade filter to see how the kindergarten enrollment trends show up in later grades or use the “Graph Type” to switch to a line graph and better see change by race/ethnicity.

The next visual uses the multi-select option to look at the enrollment at Washington High School over time. Washington was split into three small schools in 2009, so the multi-select option allows us to select each school to see combined enrollment over time.

The last visual uses the “enrollment by grade” option to show 2018 enrollment for traditional schools in the North Atlanta cluster. Notice the drop-off in the number of white students from fifth grade to sixth grade. Change the year filter to see whether this trend holds for previous years.

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  1. Data is from the Georgia Department of Education’s annual October student count, know as the October FTE count.