2018 ACT and SAT Scores

The visual below shows average 2018 ACT scores for graduating seniors by school. Grady had the highest average score in the district and North Atlanta also scored above the national average. Use the exam filter on the left to switch to the SAT or a different subject.

The next graph shows average scores graphed against percentage tested. Schools that test 100% of their students might have lower scores than if testing was optional1. Click on a school to see how their performance has changed over the past six years. Note when changing the filter to view SAT results that the format changed in 2017 and that overall and evidenced-based reading and writing SAT scores before 2017 are not comparable to 2017 and later.

The default view highlights ACT Math history at North Atlanta. The school’s average math score was 21.7 in 2018, with 68% of students tested. The view shows that North Atlanta’s average score has gradually risen since their 2013 score of 19.5 when 59% of students tested.

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  1. This trend is also true for state-level results.