Milestones Achievement, 2019

The map below shows the percentage of elementary students scoring proficient in math on the 2019 Georgia Milestones. The map shows that Morningside and Jackson Elementary schools had the highest math proficiency at 82.7%, and that Brandon, Lin, and Springdale also had scores above 80%.

Mouse-over or tap the map to view school names and percentages, and use the filters on the right to view a different grade level, switch to English language arts, or change the color scheme.

The next visual shows milestones math proficiency in 2019 and 2018 for elementary schools. We can see that Atlanta Classical’s math proficiency grew by 22 percentage points from 2018 to 2019.

Note that this graph can be filtered by achievement level, school system, year, subject, and grade. The school system filter allows comparison to schools in other districts in Georgia. Middle school math results include results from students who take algebra in 8th grade instead of the 8th grade math exam.

The next graph uses the year filter to show longer-term change in percentage developing and above, from 2015 to 2019. Scroll down through the graph to see that several schools have made large changes during that time. The largest increase is Gideons, which increased the percentage of students scoring developing and above in math by 34 percentage points, from 39% to 73%.

The last graph shows change in percentage distinguished from 2015-2019 for high school geometry. For reference, the average SAT math score in 2018 for APS students who previously scored distinguished on the geometry Milestones was 6251.

For more 2019 Milestones see this post on state percentile ranks.

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  1. Additional context: The correlation between geometry Milestones scores and 2018 SAT Math was 0.78. 15% of students scoring proficient on the geometry Milestones scored 600 or higher on the Math SAT.