2019 Graduation Rates

The graph below shows graduation rates by school for 2019 and 2018. The four-year graduation rate for Atlanta Public Schools was 77.9% in 2019, a drop of 2.0 percentage points from 2018.

Use the “Cohort Year” filter in the upper left-hand corner to see graduation rates from other school years, and the “Subgroup” filter to see graduation rates for different student subgroups. Subgroups with less than 15 students are censored.

Graduation rates are calculated by the Georgia Department of Education and use the Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate. Cohorts are based on the year students first enter ninth grade. The graduation rate is the percentage of these students who graduate within four years, adjusting for transfers.

The next visual shows graduation rates by school and race. The graph shows that Coretta Scott King (CSK) had the highest graduation rate for black students at 100%.

The last graph shows changes in graduation rate over time, and can be filtered by school, subgroup, and year. The view below shows the change in graduation rates over time for Black, Hispanic, and White students.

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