2019 Milestones Results by Subgroup

The visual below shows 2019 English language arts (ELA) proficiency rates by school for black, Hispanic, and white students. The visual is sorted by the performance of black students and shows that Morningside Elementary had the highest ELA proficiency rate for black students at 63%. The graph also shows that many schools have large differences in performance across the three subgroups.

Mouseover or tap a data point to see the percent proficient and the number of students included. Use the options on the right to highlight a school or change the view, including the sort group. The default view shows only elementary and middle schools because the ELA test is administered in grades 3-8.

Note that race/ethnicity groups within the same school often have different income levels. A forthcoming post will analyze student achievement by school, poverty, and race to see how income gaps are related to achievement gaps. Subscribe to the blog for an email notification.

The next graph shows ELA proficiency rates by school for students who recieve free or reduced lunch (FRL) and those who do not. This view only includes schools that were not part of the Community Eligibility Program (CEP), because the district does not collect FRL data at CEP schools.

The next graph shows ELA proficiency rates by school for students who are English Language Learners (ELL) and those who are not.

The last view allows users to select individual schools across districts. The default view shows Milestones proficiency for black, Hispanic and white students for Inman middle school and two neighboring middle schools outside of APS.

Milestones subgroup data is from GOSA.

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