APS Enrollment Data 1994-2020

The visual below shows enrollment trends at APS for the past 27 years1. Use the drop-down options to select a school or grade, or the tabs at the top to pick a different view.

Mouse-over the visual to get exact numbers. The graph shows that total enrollment fell by about 1,300 students since last year, from 52,416 to 51,012.

The drop in student enrollment is largest in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten, where enrollment dropped by 18% in both grades. This is consistent with some parents choosing not to enroll their young students due to distance-learning. The graph below shows this pattern for Atlanta Public Schools (in blue) and a similar pattern for the entire state (in gray), although the statewide enrollment decline percentage is not as large.

Use the “System Name” option to view enrollment changes for other Georgia districts. When viewing multiple districts, it is also helpful to use the grade filter to limit the number of grades displayed.

The next graph shows changes in enrollment from 2019 to 2020 by school. KIPP Soul Primary grew by 57.6% because it only had kindergarten and first grades in 2019 and now also has second grade students. Burgess Peterson Elementary grew the most of any traditional elementary school, at 1.9%.

Use the grade filters to view different levels, or the year filters to view enrollment changes over different time periods.

The last graph shows enrollment over time for Burgess Peterson Elementary School. Use the school filter to view enrollment over time for other schools.

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  1. Data is from the Georgia Department of Education’s annual October student count, known as the October FTE count.