APS Enrollment Data 1994-2022

The visual below shows enrollment trends at APS for the past 29 years1. Use the drop-down options to select a school or grade, or the tabs at the top to pick a different view.

Mouse-over the visual to get exact numbers. The graph shows that total enrollment increased by about 300 students to 50,325 from October 2021 to October 2022.

Use the options on the right to customize the view. The next visual shows enrollment trends over time for the North Atlanta cluster2 in grades K-2.

The graph shows that North Atlanta cluster enrollment in grades K-2 peaked in 2013 with 2,805 students and currently serves 1,828 students.

Tabs at the top of the visual allow navigation to different views. The next visual uses the “Enrollment by Grade” tab to show 2022 enrollment by grade for the Jackson cluster.

This graph shows that Jackson cluster enrollment is lowest in grades 6-8. Use the year filter to see how this compares to other years, or the over-time graph to view trends.

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  1. Data is from the Georgia Department of Education’s annual October student count, known as the October FTE count.
  2. The North Atlanta cluster is North Atlanta High School and all of it’s feeder schools. This does not include charter schools located in the cluster. See this page for a list of APS feeder patters.