Spring MAP Results, 2023

Atlanta Public schools began administering the NWEA MAP exam1 as a formative assessment during the 2021-2022 school year. MAP results include a predicted Georgia Milestones achievement level for each student tested. The graph below shows the percentage of students predicted to score proficient or higher on the spring Milestones in math based on the spring MAP administration.

The graph shows that projected proficiency by elementary school ranges from 81% to as low as 5%. Use the option on the right to change tests dates or grade level, or to switch to reading.

The next graph shows spring MAP performance by race and ethnicity.

The graph shows large racial achievement gaps at several schools. For additional context, see this post from 2020 that shows Milestones achievement by race/ethnicity graphed against poverty levels.

Mouseover or tap a data point to view the projected proficiency rate. Use the filters on the side to view results by other categories, including English learner status, income, and students with disabilities. Groups with less than 15 students are censored, so the student count in this graph might not sum to the counts in the first graph.

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  1. The full exam name is “MAP Growth,” which this blog will refer to as “MAP” to avoid confusion with student growth models.