May 15, 2017


APS Insights seeks to inform parents about school quality and school options in Atlanta Public Schools.

Guidance on school options includes information on administrative transfers and charter schools, paired with a school performance and enrollment map.

School quality information includes a broad range of indicators. These include achievement-oriented indicators such as test scores, student growth and CCRPI, the state school rating system. We also share other metrics to represent the school experience, including climate survey results, attendance, and the state’s climate ratings.

Of course the data points on this site only represent a portion of how a school will impact your child. We also encourage using an in person approach, such as talking to other parents and visiting schools to find the right fit for your child.

APS Insights is the public data site for Atlanta Public Schools (APS) and is maintained by the Data and Information Group (DIG). For additional information about APS, visit the homepage or the superintendent’s blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of information on APS Insights. Where do I start?

School Profiles is a good first place to start. Select your local school or a school you are interested in. If a data point is unclear, use a blue info button: . If you want to go deeper on an indicator, the hover information for blue info buttons also have links to more detailed data.

I’m having trouble understanding a data point.

We try to explain each data point without jargon, but sometimes this is difficult when using limited space on a graph or visual. When applicable, read supporting text, use the blue info buttons, and try related links. If the answer remains unclear, ask us a question using the form below or email us at

Now that I know more about school data, what are some useful ways to support my school?

A great place to start is to schedule a meeting with the principal or your child’s teacher and ask how you can be supportive. Depending on the school, other options include joining the PTA, visiting a GO Team meeting, or volunteering at the media center.

When is new data released?

Most data on APS Insights comes from Georgia Department of Education (GADOE) public releases. These can vary by year, but approximate dates are:

For questions about APS Insights, email us at or fill out the form below.