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Climate Survey 2019

The Georgia Department of Education administers the annual Georgia Student Health Survey, which includes both questions about school climate and student health behaviors. Elementary students in grades 3-5 take a 15 question survey, and middle and high school students take a 91 question survey. Schools are required to have at least a 75% response rate. Read more about Climate Survey 2019[…]

Beating the Odds 2019

The Georgia Department of Education uses the College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) to measure school effectiveness. However, we see that CCRPI results are correlated with factors outside of a school’s control, like the percentage of economically disadvantaged students. To measure how schools perform compared to those serving similar students, the Governor’s Office of Read more about Beating the Odds 2019[…]

Student Achievement by School, Poverty, and Race

Atlanta Public Schools has one of the largest racial achievement gaps in the country, which reflects one of the largest racial income gaps in the country. The Education Opportunity Project shows this relationship at the district level for both the black-white gap and the Hispanic-white gap. However, the district-level relationship can hide large variation at Read more about Student Achievement by School, Poverty, and Race[…]

2019 Milestones Results by Subgroup

The visual below shows 2019 English language arts (ELA) proficiency rates by school for black, Hispanic, and white students. The visual is sorted by the performance of black students and shows that Morningside Elementary had the highest ELA proficiency rate for black students at 63%. The graph also shows that many schools have large differences Read more about 2019 Milestones Results by Subgroup[…]