May 17, 2017

Enrollment Map

Use the tool below to find your zoned school and compare nearby schools. Scroll down for information about administrative transfers, charter enrollment, single gender, and pre-K enrollment.

Hover over a school to see the achievement, growth, and climate star information.

Milestones proficiency and climate report 2016 data, while CCRPI and growth show a three year average.

Administrative Transfer

Administrative transfer allows students to enroll in APS traditional schools when they do not live in that school zone. The administrative transfer window opens each March for the following school year and is open for three weeks. Schools are typically open for administrative transfer if they have extra classroom space. Although openings are not published until March, the lookup table below shows which schools have offered administrative transfer in the past, which can be predictive of future openings.

For more information on administrative transfers, including how to apply, see this page.

Charter Enrollment

APS charter schools are public schools that operate under a contract with the APS school board. Charter schools have district-wide enrollment zones and are allowed flexibility in their programming in exchange for specific performance goals.

All families living within the Atlanta Public School district may apply to attend an APS charter school. Registration is handled at the individual schools and is only limited by available space. Charter schools may set geographic enrollment priority zones in their charter. Any spaces available after initial registration are filled by lottery. Use the links below to learn how to enroll with each APS charter school, or visit this page to learn more about APS charter schools.

Charter School Enrollment Websites

Atlanta Classical AcademyAtlanta Neighborhood Charter
Centennial AcademyDrew Charter School
Kindezi SchoolsKIPP Schools
Wesley International AcademyWestside Atlanta Charter

Single Gender Enrollment

Enrollment at the two APS single gender schools, BEST Academy for boys and Coretta Scott King Academy for girls, follow the administrative transfer enrollment process above. Both schools serve grades 6-12. See this page for more detail and use the email form above for a reminder when the transfer window opens in March.

Pre-K Enrollment

APS pre-k enrollment typically begins in January. See for details.

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