June 21, 2018

School Comparison

This tool compares schools across different school-level performance indicators. To view Milestones performance by subgroup, use the data explorer page and select Milestones.

Note that Milestones results are available through 2018, but most other metrics, such as CCRPI are only available through 2017.

Metric Definitions

  • CCRPI is the state school rating system, which gives scores on a scale of 0 to 100, mostly for student test scores and test score growth.
  • BTO, or 'Beating The Odds' compares a school's CCRPI rating to other schools across the state that serve similar student populations.
  • ELA/Math proficiency is the percentage of students who scored proficient or better in English Language Arts/Math on the state test (Georgia Milestones).
  • ELA/Math growth is the percentage of students who showed typical or high growth on the state ELA/Math test, as measured by the state's student growth model.
  • Graduation rate uses the state's four-year cohort graduation rate.
  • 'I like school' and 'I feel safe at school' report the percentage of students who responded positively to each question on the state climate survey.
  • Attendance reports the percentage of students who missed less than six days of school.
  • Poverty reports the percentage of students who were directly certified for free lunch.
  • Mobility rate reports the number mobile students (both entries and exits) between October and May divided by the October FTE count.
  • SWD, or Students with Disabilities is the percentage of students in the school in one of twelve eligibility categories.
  • English Learner is the percentage of students in the school who are English language learners.

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